Travel Advice!

Travel Advice

Planning Your Trip!

Nuril: Yay! You’ve set your heart on coming to Kuching, Malaysia for mine and David's wedding. Are you excited? We sure are!

What's the next step?

Nuril: Booking your flights would be a good place to start. You can book it anytime but the more in advance the generally cheaper they are.

Disclaimer - this page is more aimed at visitors from the UK, but will still hopefully be helpful for others!


  • Malaysia Airlines - prices range from £600 - £1000

  • Brunei Airlines £500 - £800

  • Emirates/Qatar/Etihad - £700 and above

  • KLM - £800 above

Nuril: There are other airlines which could provide cheaper alternatives but I wouldn’t rely on anything else. KLM, Qatar, Emirates and Etihad airlines will be 3 flights with stopovers in Amsterdam, Doha, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (respectively) onto Kuala Lumpur then Kuching. The two we recommened are Malaysia Airlines and Brunei Airlines with only two flights, the fist being a direct flight from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur or Brunei and then a quick flight to Kuching.

David: A good website to check for cheap flights is, however they will also show 3rd party travel websites which although will offer the flight tickets cheaper, they will not always come with the same guarantees of booking straight through the airlines website.

Normally booking through the airline directly is only around £50 more expensive, so for peace of mind and less chance of "overbooked / cancelled" flights i'd book directly with the airline.

It's also always normally cheaper to depart and fly back on a week day. And to avoid paying for parking I also normally catch the national express bus from East Midlands Airport down to Heathrow.

Possible Layover Map

Of course a one and a half hour layover in one of the busiest airports in the world will be fine!

- David Foley 2018

David: Okay! So maybe using two seperate airlines wasn't such a good idea... during my Christmas 2018 trip to Kuching I flew from Heathrow to Singapore then to Kuching. The problem I had was not only is Singapore a massive airport, I foolishly didn't even think about transfering my baggage from one airline to another.

Being the novice I am I just assumed it was automatic. Adding to the fact I only had an hour and a half between flights, I had to go retrieve my bag and then check in at another terminal (and only just made my connecting flight). If there had been more time I belive I would of be able to go to the transfer desk and get it done properly.. Learn from my stupid mistake!

But before you book your flights you need to decide if you want to visit any other places while your in the area, or if you just want to go straight to Kuching and back again. Below is a map of a few suggested places to visit, you can see more info about these places under the 'Travel Interest' area in the menu

Suggested places to visit
David: Okay! So depending on if you want to visit other places or not, you have a few travel options.

Option 1 - Kuching and back again

The easiest option, the recommended route I would take is to fly with Malaysia Airlines from Heathrow direct to Kuala Lumpur and then onwards to Kuching. Book it all at once and then you can check in your baggage all the way through so you don't have to mess around at Kuala Lumpur. I'd recommened a maximum of a week visit to enjoy what Kuching has to offer (and it's a long way to fly just for a couple of days)

Option 2 - Pick and mix

If you fancy visiting some other destinations while your out there, I would recommend getting a return flight directly from Heathrow to either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore depending where you fancy visiting. Then book you other flights separately. E.g. you might want to visit Penang and Singapore, so you could fly to direct to Singapore, get a one way flight to Penang, then a one way flight to Kuching, then back to Singapore to fly back to the UK.

There's so many places to visit if your up for an adventure, you can see more information about places we recommend under the travel interest section. And it's not just limited to Malaysia to!


Accommodation in Kuching

Nuril: Here are some nice places you could take a look and take your pick. All hotels stated are within walking distance of the wedding venue. You are open to look at AirBnB’s but that’s entirely up to you.


Resorts/Bed and Breakfast

DISCLAIMER: Please, when searching for hotels/hostels and you come across OYO Hotels, please avoid. Thanks!

Feel free to ask Nuril any questions about accommodation and David about flights.

If groups of people coordinate their flights and such, we can arrange for transportation to hotels and such upon arrival :)


Nuril: Spending money shouldn’t be too much depending where you go. If you are interested in stopping over in Kuala Lumpur then you might need a bit more as it’s a big city so transportation might cost a bit. Food can be cheap there depending where you go, prime locations will obviously cost you a bit more but good ol street food for less than £1 is always a good experience. Entrances to some attractions can also cost more for foreigners (sorry about that).

In Kuching - it’ll be easy. The city is small and most places don’t cost much could easily have a meal for £30 for 4 people in a nice place. The hotels we’ve listed are mostly in city center so will be easy to walk around and a lot of those hotels provide shuttles to attractions (like rainforest and stuff)!
First time David came over he brought about £500 and lasted him a while in both Kuching and KL.


David: Vaccinations are not mandatory but advised. Depending on where you go you might need certain vaccinations. If you just going to Kuching and not venturing out the city you should be fine. But if your planning on going to the jungle you may need some. I recommend planning out you trip and then go and see what vaccinations you need, I did this by going booking an appointment with Boots in Intu Derby. They will ask you questions such as where you are going?.. are you going into caves? etc. etc..

To clear up some confusion I had to go through. Kuching is a Malaria Free Zone! No need to take Malaria tablets, can't vouch for other places though.


Passport Valid?

To be allowed to travel your passport must not only be not expired, but it needs to be valid for at least 6 months from your departure date! If not then get renewing!

Tips and Tricks!

  • - Download an app called Grab or MyCar as they are ride hailing apps. Avoid local taxi’s at all cost as they are ripoffs and the drivers are nasty. Don’t get a limousine from the airport because they’re expensive for no reason. You’d do better with a Grab/MyCar or if you’d like we have a train that goes from the airport to KL Central but may as well get a car.

  • - Do not give money to beggars on the street at bukit bintang because once you give one, others will chase you.

  • - Carry a bag that you can zip up cause there are people with itchy fingers all around.

Be sure to check out the travel interest section!