Our Wedding!

Our Wedding

Let the countdown begin!

The Main Event!

Our wedding will be one hell of a party that’s gonna happen in two parts. On the Saturday evening of 11th April, the banquet will be held at Riverside Majestic in the evening, this is the formal party where there will be some VIPs. Please dress nicely and appropriately, Thanks. :D. There will also be performers!

"Day After Party"

The after party - the much less formal party will be held at The Granary on the 12th April in the evening. Where we will sing and dance the night away. Wear whatever the hell you want! There will be best man speeches, food and a bar!

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More details to come closer to the time!

  • Nurils Bridesmaids:
  • Aiza
  • Charmaine
  • Chole
  • Patricia
  • Hazel
  • Chir Wey
  • Davids Best Men:
  • Arran
  • Chris
  • Dom
  • Jamie