Things to do in Kuching!

Semmenggoh Wildlife Park


Explore the perfect half-day trip experience to encounter one of Borneo’s endangered species – Orangutans and be back at your hotel in time for lunch. Just 20 kilometers south of Kuching, Semenggoh Nature Reserve is home to a colony of semi-wild orangutans who are trained and used to human encounters.

They have been taught to watch out for the forest reserve’s caretakers during feeding time. During feeding time, visitors will gain the golden opportunity to interact with the orangutans as they will swing down from trees for a free hand out of fruits.

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Bako National Park


With its rainforest, abundant wildlife, jungle streams, waterfalls, interesting plant life, secluded beaches and trekking trails, Bako National park offers visitors an excellent introduction to the rainforest of Borneo. Bako may not have an instantly recognizable star attraction but there can be very few places in the world that pack so much natural beauty into such a limited area, all just 37 km from Kuching. Its accessibility – and its sheer range of attraction and activities – have made Bako one of the most popular parks in Sarawak.

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The Brooke Gallery at Fort Margherita

Fort Margherita

The Brooke Gallery tells the story of one of the most remarkable kingdoms in history: Sarawak and its ‘White Rajahs’.

The displays focus on the people, places and events that have shaped the state. They take us on a journey through a century of 'White Rajah' rule that began in September 1841, was shattered by the Japanese invasion of December 1941 and ended in July 1946 with Sarawak’s annexation as a British Crown Colony.

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Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village

Sarawak Cultural Village is an award-winning Living Museum that spans across 17-acres of land just across from Damai Beach Resort and Hotels. Experience Sarawak in Half-a-day at Sarawak Cultural Village and learn about the local culture and lifestyles of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak.

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Mount Santubong


Only 35 minutes drive from Kuching, the Santubong area has a great deal to offer the visitor. It has some superb natural attractions centred on the rainforested slopes of Mount Santubong, its mangrove forests, rivers, near shore waters and mudflats. These different habitats are home to variety of wildlife making Santubong one of the best sites in Sarawak to see a range of wildlife in a natural setting.

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Satang Satang Island


Visit Satang Islands' pristine white sandy beach for some of the best snorkeling in Kuching. Discover soft corals with an abundance of colorful marine life and stroll through the island's rugged jungle. Cruise by the Santubong Village and its beautiful countryside. Don't miss the opportunity and make sure you spot the elusive and rare Irrawaddy dolphin! Explore the turtle conservation and hatchery area and learn about their sea animal preservation program.

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Wind Cave

Wind Cave

The Wind Cave’s main features include stalagmites, stalactites, and pillars which form when these two join together. Other features include conical cavities separated by blade-like pinnacles of limestone, limestone pendants hanging from the roof of the cave passage, and current scallops which have a honeycomb appearance and indicate the direction of the water flow.

More info at www.sarawakforestry.com/parks-and-reserves/wind-cave-fairy-cave-nature-reserve/

Gunung Gading National Park


Gunung Gading National Park is one of the best places in Asia to view the spectacular blooms of the Rafflesia, a genus of leafless parasitic plant that produces the world’s largest flower.

Also available are the waterfall trail and the gunung gading summit trail, for some real jungle trekking!

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Cooking Class - Indah Cafe

Nuril cooking!

Learn how to cook several authentic Malaysian cuisines. Beginning with a visit to the local market to purchase some of the fresh ingredients required. Then heading back to the cafe to prepare and cook! (David: I also got to chop a coconut with a machete!)

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Batik Painting Class - Indah Cafe


Want something relaxing yet cultural to do? Try the Batik painting class at Indah Cafe! You get to pick your own designs and all the paints and brushes are provided for you, and it gives you a souvenir to take back with you :D

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The Borneo House Museum


The Borneo House Museum is an interactive 3D and educational museum in Kuching with a floor of more than 12,500 sq ft. The museum’s interactive display Sarawak’s nature, culture, heritage and food to life. It has 4 zones: Sarawak’s Nature Old Sarawak Sarawak Today Sarawak Iconic Food

Great for some new profile pictures!

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Upside Down House

Upside Down House

Upside Down House is built with rooms of furniture attached upside down, just a bit of a laugh and again a great photo opportunity.

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Cat Museum


The World's first Cat Museum, devoted to all things feline, is in Petra Jaya in the Kuching City North City Hall. Cat lovers will find a range of exhibits, photos, feline art and cat souvenirs; over 4,000 of them

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Borneo Highlands

Borneo Highlands

Borneo Highlands Resort, one of the most excitingly diverse, environmentally-friendly resorts in Malaysia. Cocooned in a lush green jungle that is teeming with unique flora & fauna, it sits approximately 1,000 metres above sea level on the Penrissen Range, which is amongst the world's oldest and second largest rainforests. It is about 35 minutes drive out of the city.

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Bird Watching

Bird Watching

A great portion of Borneo’s 650 bird species have been recorded in the state of Sarawak, including most of the island’s endemics such as the bizarre Bornean Bristlehead. With the highest number of national parks and nature reserves in the country, Sarawak offers superb bird watching opportunities. These range from balmy lowlands and shorelines to cold mossy forests at the summits of the higher mountains. Not surprising then that Sarawak has the most number of Important Bird Areas in Malaysia.

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Cycling Tours

Cycling Tours

Paradesa Borneo currently offers a range of day tours that categorized under local bike discovery as well as adventure cycling, in addition to the multi-day bike tours featuring more than 10 different guided cycling holiday in Borneo from 3 days (2 nights) to 14 days (13 nights), all-inclusive guided tour arrangement including support vehicle.

Other tours and activity include hiking tour, kayaking tour and caving tour, wildlife discovery as well as cultural experience tour across Borneo.

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